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Aitken Partners on the move

General News: 18 March 2019

For the first time in 37 years, Aitken Partners is on the move. As one of the original tenants at 114 William Street, the firm will now be located on Level 28, 140 William Street Melbourne, in a move that managing partner Andrew Blogg says will provide more benefits than just new desks.

"We started out at 114 William Street in 1976 with a legal staff of 11 on part of one floor, we leave with nearly 35 legal staff over most of two floors,he explained.

"This move process has been exciting for us because it means more than just a new office, we sat down at the start and took a look at where we thought we needed to be in terms of how we operate. That meant not just looking at office size and desks, but all the latest technology and business practices.

"We wanted to make sure we had a better work environment for our staff and to have an improved ability to serve our clients with efficiencies we can pass on to them. For instance, we felt a firm of our size is better served by having all our staff on the one floor, so we needed to make sure wherever we went, we did that.

"We then decided to improve our business by upgrading to the latest platforms, pushing further into electronic storage and archiving, all of which leads to more efficient delivery of service for our clients' benefit. In this process, we have upgraded our IT infrastructure to adopt the most up-to-date core software and cloud-based technology. Our telephony is state of the art, as is our printing and scanning technology, which will cut printing waste.

"Hopefully we have 'future proofed' as much as possible with the infrastructure which will benefit both the firm and our clients moving forward."

The move for Aitken Partners will take place over the weekend, with the new office fully operation on the morning of 28 October.

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