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Family Court & Appalling Behavior

Family Law: 22 March 2019

In a decision that confirms the worst nightmares of many non-custodial parents, Her Honour Justice Bennett in Wang v Dennison (No 2) declined to Order that the parties two young children live with or spend any time with their father despite some astounding findings.

Her Honour found the mother had "purposefully conditioned the children to believe that they had been sexually abused by their father when they had notand that she had done so "in order to cut the father out of the lives of the children".

She also concluded that "the mother's allegations of family violence were unsubstantiated, made and maintained with malicious intent on her part and in circumstances which have been extremely detrimental to the emotional well being of the children."

Despite these findings, Her Honour made the following Orders:

  • That the children live with the wife.
  • That the father be at liberty to communicate with the children as follows:
    • By way of letter to each of the children on each of the children's birthdays and at Christmas and Easter in each year, such correspondence to be sent by prepaid post to their place of residence; and
    • As may otherwise be requested by the children from time to time.

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