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North East Link Update (Sep 2020)

Compulsory Acquisition: 02 September 2020

Despite delays to the compulsory acquisition process for the North East Link Project due to COVID-19, the formal compulsory acquisition process is now well underway.

Impacted landowners, tenants and businesses are currently receiving Notices of Intention to Acquire (the first formal notices in the compulsory acquisition process) and some landowners, tenants and business are receiving Notices of Acquisition. The Notice of Acquisition is the relevant notice for the purpose of assessing compensation and has the effect of acquiring the relevant interests in the Property and transferring ownership of the acquired land from landowners to the Department of Transport.

If you are a landowner, tenant or business owner affected by the North East Link Project and you have not already received a Notice of Acquisition, you will likely receive one and an Offer of Compensation from the Authority shortly.

Before accepting an Offer from the Authority, it is important that you seek independent legal advice from lawyers experienced in acting in compulsory acquisition matters so that your situation can be assessed to ensure that you are in the best position to claim all that you are entitled to from the Authority by way of compensation.

The compulsory acquisition process can be complex and both landowners, tenants and businesses have potential rights to claim compensation.

About Aitken Partners

Aitken Partners compulsory acquisition lawyers have more than two decades of combined experience in representing landowners, tenants and business owners in compulsory acquisition claims in most (if not all) of Victoria's major infrastructure projects.

If you are impacted (or believe you may be impacted) by the North East Link Project, it is imperative you engage lawyers experienced in compulsory acquisition to assist you in negotiating appropriate compensation.

If you have received a Notice of Acquisition (or believe you may receive one shortly) in relation to the North East Link Project, please contact Natalie O'Flynn on 03 8600 6046 to arrange a time to speak with one of our compulsory acquisition lawyers regarding the compulsory acquisition process and your potential rights to compensation.

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