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Non-physical abuse is the most common form of family violence

Family Law: 30 August 2022

Family violence in the form of non-physical abuse such as emotional and coercive abuse has become more common than physical abuse according to data obtained by The Australian.

Coercive control has become such an issue that the state governments will be working together to address this form of family violence. The NSW and QLD governments are looking at making coercive control a specific criminal offence following the murders of Hannah Clarke and her 3 children in Brisbane in 2019.

Hannah Clarke's estranged husband doused her and their children in petrol and set them alight. This horrific event triggered a national call to criminalise coercive and controlling behaviour, which has been identified as a "red flag for murder.

An example of coercive control can be seen in Hannah Clarke's estranged husband's behaviour toward her. He would not let her wear shorts or the colour pink and did not let her run her own Facebook page.

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