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Regional Rail Link Development Update

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

As most of our Regional Rail Link clients already know, the contract for works has been awarded to companies John Holland, Abigroup, Coleman Rail, AECOM and GHD.

We understand that Regional Rail Link estimates the first new tracks will be used in early 2016.

In the meantime, a large number of our clients have resolved very successful outcomes with the acquiring authority, without any need for Tribunal or Court proceedings. When faced with reasonable legal arguments and the prospect of strong claims, the Acquiring Authority has shown a sensible approach to resolving matters to the satisfaction of our clients.

Unsurprisingly, some clients presently continue to negotiate the acquisitions and purchase of replacement properties, particularly for very unusual properties. The outcomes for those cases will depend on the strength of each case and the ability for the Acquiring Authority (or if necessary, Court or Tribunal) to understand the unique nature of particular properties.

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