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New Principal for Aitken Partners Family Law Team

General News: 18 March 2019

Aitken Partners is pleased to announce the promotion of Sharmini Subramaniam to the position of Principal, and also to the position of Head of the growing Family Law Team. Sharmini has been with Aitkin Partners for two years and her appointment coincides with the arrival of experienced Special Counsel Jenny Christofidis.

Aitken Partners now has three female principals among its 11 principals, and each of them is head of their team, with Peta Olive looking after Property Disputes & Compulsory Acquisition and Kathy Wilson looking after the highly rated Succession & Elder Law team.

Since Sharmini's arrival at the firm, the Family Law Team has grown into one of the best performing parts of the firm leading to a tripling of its size.

"We have always been proud of our Law Team, Ed Clark said in announcing the dual appointments. "Sharmini has been terrific since she joined us with David De Alwis in 2016, while the opportunity with Jenny came from left field and we were more than happy to bring her into the team.

"Sharmini is also a contributor across the firm. She heads our South Asian Focus Team which looks primarily after our interest in India and Sri Lanka, and she is also heavily involved in the Melbourne Divorce Network which creates a holistic blend between legal and assets protection in relationships and the need for health and wellbeing services.

"As a firm, we are proud of our female principals who have all been internal promotions and all head their teams. We have a number of other female lawyers who are performing well and are on track to join Sharmini, Peta and Kathy as principals.

Sharmini joined Aitken Partners from a boutique family law firm and has flourished in a 'full service' environment.

"I am proud to have been made a Principal at Aitken Partners, Sharmini said.

"It was approximately 17 months ago that my colleague, David De Alwis and I joined the firm. At the time, we together, comprised the Family Law Team. Fast forward to today and we are now a team of six with two Accredited Specialists. In the coming years, I hope that we can continue to grow the Family Law Team at Aitken Partners, providing quality service to our clients.

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