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North East Link Update - Eastern Freeway Section

Compulsory Acquisition: 15 January 2020

Following the Minister for Planning's assessment to proceed with the North East Link Project ('North East Link') in early December 2019 and the approval of Planning Scheme Amendment GC98 on 3 January 2020, the compulsory acquisition of land is imminent.

The Eastern Freeway section of the North East Link spans from Hoddle Street to Springvale Road, which mainly involves widening of the existing freeway to accommodate future traffic volumes.

Although this section does not involve the compulsory acquisition of any residential properties, it does impact five businesses due to permanent land acquisition.

The Authority has outlined it expects construction of this section of the Project to begin in 2020 and continue for a period of 5 years.

Aitken Partners compulsory acquisition team has more than three decades of combined experience in representing landowners, tenants and business owners in compulsory acquisition claims in most of Victoria's major infrastructure projects.

Aitken Partners compulsory acquisition team has a great deal of experience with and understands the many complexities associated with the compulsory acquisition of commercial land. For example, Aitken Partners recently acted in the Supreme Court for successful claimants in the matter of Provans Timber Pty Ltd in relation to a business being conducted on a property owned by related entities. Both entities were found to have an interest in the acquired land and therefore both entities were entitled to separate claims for compensation as a result of the acquisition.

For those impacted by the North East Link, it is imperative they engage lawyers experience in compulsory acquisition to assist them in obtaining appropriate compensation. These processes are covered by unique legislative regimes which do not follow standard property and conveyancing law practices.

Given the acquisition process is imminent, if you are affected by the Eastern Freeway Section of the North East Link, please contact Natalie O'Flynn on 03 8600 6046 to arrange a time to speak with our compulsory acquisition team regarding the acquisition process and your potential rights to compensation.

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